A Guide to Patagonia Waders

Choosing a new pair of waders can be just as intimidating as it is confusing, but a new pair of waders can really help you become a better fisherman. Investing in a new pair of Patagonia waders is a great step in moving up in the realm of fly fishing, and makes your fishing experience much more enjoyable. Here’s a little guide that spots out the difference between all of Patagonia’s waders, and what might be the best pair for you.


Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Waders

Patagonia’s line of Rio Gallegos waders have been proven to last a very long time and be very resistant to punctures. The zip-front waders are their newest addition, and was rated “Best New Wader” by Fly Fisherman magazine. Made with Patagonia’s H2No® Performance Standard polyester microfiber shell with proprietary waterproof/breathable barrier and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, these are the waders that will cover you for just about anything.

The zipper makes it easy to fold down the top have of the waders to stay cool during summer months, and also much easier to take on and off. It especially makes things easier when the closest bathroom is a tree. There’s two pockets on the outside with water resistant zippers, hand warming pockets, and two larger pockets on the inside that are very easily accessible. There’s even daisy-chain straps for your tools, and tabs on the suspenders for attaching a zinger. They’re perfect for guides since you can carry about everything you need right on your chest, and perfect for anyone who doesn’t get around easily since the zipper makes them easier to take on and off.

Patagonia Rio Gallegos Waders

The Rio Gallegos are very pretty much the same as their zip-front version, except for the zipper. They have inside pockets and extra storage, but only one outside storage pocket. It also still has the removable foam knees, and front hand warmer pocket. They’re extremely comfortable and durable, but just don’t come with awesome front zipper. The great part about not having the front zipper is that they end up being a bit cheaper.

These waders are perfect for fishing in the Pacific Northwest, and especially great for the Northwest steelheader. They’ll handle the snow, rain, and chest deep wading that we run in to quite a bit on the Olympic Peninsula. Along with keeping you warm and dry, they’ll handle all the bush-whacking that you can thrown at them. If you do manage to poke a couple holes in them, Patagonia’s Ironclad guarantee has you covered.

We truly believe that these are the best waders on the market!

Patagonia Skeena River Waders

This is the pair of waders meant to do it all. They’re comfortable, breathable, and most importantly they’re durable. They’re designed around helping you move around as if you were wearing a pair of shorts. You can lift your legs over the drift boat wall with ease, or scramble down high banks in to your favorite hard-to-reach runs.

The upper sections of the waders are made up of a 4-layer polyester that weighs 5.6 oz, while the lower half, also made of a 4-layer polyester, comes in at 5.8 oz. Overall a very light pair of waders, with a little extra weight where it really matters.

Although they’re slightly thinner that the Rio Gallegos, these are still a very warm and durable pair of waders that are built to last. Just like any other Patagonia product, the Skeena River waders also come with a lifetime warranty.

Patagonia Rio Azul Waders

These are Patagonia’s most affordable waders and are considered entry level. They’re still made with the single seam design for durability, along with the H2no performance standard polyester that shed water quickly and keep you dry.

The main thing that these waders don’t have is the nice front hand warmer pocket, or any sort of front pocket at all. They do have a waterproof inside pocket for you phone, wallet, or keys, but don’t have any other extra pockets. Although they don’t have much bling, these are still a very comfortable, durable, and tough pair of waders that won’t let you down.

Patagonia Middle Fork Packable Waders

These waders have changed the industry as we know it. They now allow for you to take your waders on those 10-mile backpacking trips and will keep dry and warm in those freezing glacial lakes and creeks.

Not only are they great for hiking with, but they also are perfect for traveling. These ultralight waders stuff in to a very small pack that you can cram in to your suitcase, saving you a ton a space.

Click here for more details about the Middle Fork Packable Waders.

Patagonia Spring River Women’s Waders

Designed specifically for female anglers, the Women’s Spring River Waders make fishing much more comfortable for the hardcore female angler. They’re designed with the same single seam technology for durability and movement, as well as being very resistant to punctures.

Just remember that all of these waders are covered by Patagonia’s Ironclad guarantee, and if you have any other questions feel free to call or email the shop.

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