Stillwater Searching Pattern

If you’re anything like me and prefer to fish a streamer over a chironomid when fishing lakes, then here’s a pattern that I’ve found a lot of confidence over the last few years. This is one of those patterns that I always have tied on during the spring on the lakes. Although I tie it unweighted, feel free to add some eyes or a small bead. I find this fishes best throughout the spring and is best fished with an intermediate sinking line, either trolled or casted and retrieved.


Hook: Size 8-12 streamer hook (curved or not, it doesn’t seem to matter)

Thread: 8/0 black Uni

Tail: Olive ostrich or marabou

Body: Olive ostrich or marabou

Rib: Copper wire – brassie

Dubbing ball: Olive hairline dubbing

Collar: Hungarian Partridge


Start by tying in your marabou or strands of ostrich in for the tail. This should be about the length of the hook shank. Right after that, tie in the copper wire for your rib.

Twist the ostrich or marabou, and wrap it until you've covered about 3/4 of shank. You can then counter-wrap the copper wire for the rib.

Add a tight ball of dubbing. This can be a simple rabbit fur dubbing, or even an ice dub. I've found that they all fish about the same.

Tie in the hungarian partridge by the tip, and then form a small collar at the head of the fly. I find it helps to wrap it tight against the dubbing ball to help get the fibers to stick out a bit more. You can then whip finish and add head cement.

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