May 23rd, 2018 Lake Fishing Report

Just fished Fiorito last night and did fairly well for both trout and bass! In the afternoon things were slow, but we still managed to get some bass to eat big streamers. If you're fishing streamers, just remember that bass are very surface oriented. Most of our fish were caught less than a foot below the surface. 

In the evening there have been some great caddis hatches that get the trout stirred up! We did great fishing with this stillwater searching pattern, and also some olive and black woolly buggers. I really don't think that it would matter what you threw out there. Soft hackles, leeches, damsels, emergers... it won't matter as long as they can fit it in their mouth. It's best to target the trout in the mornings and evenings.

After we beat up on some trout, we went after bass again but this time tying homemade foam poppers! We probably caught a dozen fish between the two of us, and missed a lot more. Most of these fish were in the 1-2 pound range and are a ton of fun on a 6 weight!

Feel free to call the shop if you have any questions, hopefully we'll be back on the river by Saturday.

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