June 1st, 2018 – Weekend Fishing Forecast

Get ready for an awesome weekend of fishing! Saturday, June 2nd will be the opener for the all the smaller Yakima tributaries like the Teanaway and the Naches. They should be full of some hungry fish that haven’t had any pressure for a while, and also are much easier to fish from the bank than the Yak. We’d recommend hitting it with a hopper dropper style rig, with a chubby as the indicator, and some sort of caddis emerger or small beadhead below it.

The Yakima is also fishing very well! Fish are starting to feed on the surface a lot, but our guides have been doing their best with nymphing small beadheads. Most of the fish are on shallower 2-4 foot flats rather than in the deep holes, so don’t spend too much time fishing the big deep stuff unless they’re hitting caddis off the surface.

Bass fishing is still going strong as well! If you have any sort of kayak or small boat now is a great time to hit the smaller lakes in the evening and throw some top-water. They haven’t been too picky as far as a specific fly, just throwing something that pushes water.

If you have any questions about where to go, or need a shuttle, feel free to call the shop! Get out there this weekend!

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