June 8th, 2018 – Weekend Fishing Forecast

Looks like we’re in for a bit of rain and cooler temperatures this weekend so make sure you bring a jacket with you. If you don’t mind the rain, then fishing should stay steady throughout the weekend on the Yakima. Be prepared to nymph and swing streamers most of the time unless you see bugs coming off. Its weather like this where a soft hackle can fish very well imitating either an emerger, or even a drowned caddis or mayfly. For nymphs, a size 6 brown pat’s stone with a small beadhead nymph below it has been fishing great, but if the weather holds off and we keep seeing golden stones and pmd’s flying around then a hopper dropper with a chubby chernobyl and pheasant tail will fish great.

For the small creeks, if it isn’t raining then just throw dry flies. Size 12 and below for royal wulff’s, elk hair caddis, stimulators, chubby chernobyls, ants, beetles, and pretty much any other dry will work great. If they aren’t taking dries then soft hackles will work great as well, or just nymphing small stonefly nymphs (12 and below), pheasant tails, hares ears, and copper johns.

All the high mountain lakes are looking great and very accessible. I spoke to some people at Cooper lake who were just getting off the water and told me trolling a woolly bugger on a sinking like was the most effective. You can even troll some bigger flies like a size 4 lil kim or large sculpins to target some of the bigger browns that will hang deep.

The Klickitat River is also open now but we haven’t gotten any reports of anyone finding fish. It’s in beautiful condition and if you work hard enough you might be able to swing up a fish or two. Green butt skunks, Ally’s shrimp, egg sucking leeches, and suskwa poachers should help you fish with confidence. If you’re nymphing, then stick to beads and larger stonefly nymphs in purples, oranges and pinks. If any of you have fished the Klick recently we’d love to hear your reports!

As always feel free to call the shop with any questions about fishing this weekend.

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