June 29th, 2018 – Weekend Fishing Forecast

This weekend should bring some pretty great fishing with the partly cloudy weather moving in, but it looks like we’re going to be battling the wind quite a bit. Overall it will only effect getting our fly in to the right place, and if anything will help put more bugs on the water. So just keep fishing the big dries with droppers on the Yak, and with clouds being around streamer fishing should be pretty good, it’s just a matter of casting them in the wind.

To avoid some wind and even some people, it would be a great weekend to get up on the upper Teanaway or Upper Cle Elum. It can be a ton of fun this time of year with lightweight gear and dry flies and is a great way to try and get beginners in to fly fishing. It’s more of a numbers game than a size a game, so don’t fish any flies over a size 10 so that way the fish can fit the flies in their mouth.

As far as lakes go, it’s gonna be tough weekend to be out on a boat at all so make sure you’re fishing lakes protected from the wind. Copper is probably your best bet to get away from wind, but it’s still going to be a bit breezy up there. I typically like to use the wind to my advantage and have it push me around as I troll a sinking line and a leech.

If you have any questions about where to go this weekend, feel free to give the shop a call!


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