September 7th, 2018 – Weekend Fishing Forecast

The water levels are starting to drop and it’s starting to feel a lot like Fall around here! There’s still a couple hoppers around, but fish are mostly looking for crane flies. They can by best imitated with a parachute hopper skated on the surface, or any other skinny leggy bug.

Streamer fishing is also starting to pick up with big fish looking for sculpins to fill up on as the water is dropping. Your classic muddler will work great this time of year, along with slump busters and wounded sculpins. They’ll work great under an indicator but can also be very effective swung with a trout spey setup.

As far as nymphing, an orange/brown pat’s stone in a size 10 is a great fly this time of year through October. Fishing it with a small dropper (size 14-18) such as a hare’s ear, pheasant tail, or bloody mary can be very effective.

Not only has the Yakima been fishing great but the Klickitat is starting to get some good pushes of steelhead and it’s time to start looking in the direction. The river is starting to get some better clarity (only about 1.5 feet) and its a great time to swing flies such as a green butt skunk, egg sucking leech, or a suskwa poacher. You could also hit it with beads and glo bugs if that’s more your style.

Feel free to leave a comment or call the shop if you have any questions!

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