March 19th, 2019 – Yakima River Fishing Report

It’s starting to look like all this beautiful weather is having its consequences and the lower river is starting to dirty up. Everything above the Teanaway is staying clean and fishing very well, but everything below is starting to get pretty dirty. The lower canyon especially is looking like Willy Wonka’a chocolate river, and should just be avoided.

We’ll keep everyone updated on conditions, but it’s looking like the upper river might bump up a bit this weekend for a couple days while this warm weather melts off all the snow, but things should still stay fishable. Below the Teanaway is going to pretty dirty for quite a while, especially the lower canyon.

As far as fishing goes right now, stones and worms have been the most consistent, but we are finding fish on Skwala’s  during the afternoon and evening. Streamers have also been finding a couple fish in slow moving tailouts, just remember not to go too big with your flies.

And as far as access goes, South to State is about the only doable float at the moment. After this warm week Bristol, Diversion, and Thorpe should all start clearing up, but are currently still snowed in.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to call the shop!

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