April 12th, 2019 – Weekend Fishing Forecast

Contrary to what everyone believes right now, most of the Upper Yakima is very fishable! Pretty much everything above Diversion has cleared up enough to fish, and even some fish still willing to pick off dries. Overall though, everything is a bit off colored and fishing very well with nymphs.

Our best setup has been a pat’s stone (size 10 or 8), with a size 14 or 12 pheasant tail beneath it. Worms have also been fishing very well with this bit of color in the water, especially pink with a white bead.

For dries, Skwala’s are still very active in the late afternoon, but fish are still willing to eat them starting around 1. We’re also seeing lots of BWO’s, and have started to see some March Browns as well.

As far as tactics go for fishing this dirtier water, the best water is going to be inside corners, seams, and tailouts. Especially the riffles right on the inside corners, that’s where we’ve been finding bigger fish eating stonefly nymphs.

For options besides the Yakima this weekend, bass fishing has picked up throughout the smaller ponds and lakes around Ellensburg. We’ve been finding them on Woolly Buggers and big bunny leeches, and have found a few small ones with poppers in the evenings.

The  East side lakes have also been fishing very well with chironomids, damsel nymphs, and leeches. We now carry a full series of sink tip and full sinking lines to help you get some of the big fish that those lakes can hold. We’ve also gotten some good reports from Omak Lake, with most of those fish being caught on leeches.

We’re hiring! We’re looking for shop employees and rafting guides for the Summer! if you’re interested, send your resume to info@troutwaterfly.com

As usual, if you have any questions feel free to call the shop!

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