May 10th, 2019 – Weekend Fishing Forecast

It’s looking like we’re in for another amazing weekend with Saturday getting in to the 80’s! It’s looking like a great opportunity to leave those waders at home and start wet wading if you’re brave enough! We do carry Patagonia’s wading socks for those looking to put those waders away.

Quick Reminder! The Teanaway and Upper Cle Elum are still closed to fishing! We’ve been seeing some people fishing the Teanaway where it meets the Yakima, so please remember that it is still closed to fish, but will be open the first Saturday in June.

As far as fishing goes, it has stayed pretty great around Cle Elum and along highway 10. It’s still low and very wadable, so this weekend will be a great opportunity to get out and fish before we start seeing our summer levels, which we aren’t expecting to see until early June.

We’re also seeing tons of caddis out and about! We haven’t been seeing too many fish eating them until about 11:30 – 12ish, and any darker caddis fly will get these fish to rise. There’s also still tons of March Browns out and about! right around 1 is when we’re seeing fish really target them on the surface.

As usual though, nymphing has remained the most consistent with stone’s and small nymphs being the best. Pheasant Tails are still the best producer right now, but Prince’s and copper johns have been finding fish as well. Also, don’t be afraid to start fishing some faster water, a lot of our bigger fish have been found in the faster riffles.

Bass fishing has also picked up a bit in the lakes around Ellensburg! Buggers and poppers have been the most effective, but fishing really isn’t great throughout the day, stick to evenings for the most action.

The trout have also been actively eating damsels and chironomids throughout the day, with some of the lake fish being pretty big too! If the wind holds off, then fishing can be very good for the dumb stocked trout. If you aren’t catching any, then just remember that an olive woolly bugger will usually do the trick.

As usual, if you have any questions then feel free to call the shop!

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