May 23rd, 2019 – Fishing Report

The water on the Yakima is still staying low and clear keeping the fishing amazing. We’ve started to see a lot of PMD’s,  as well as March Browns and Caddis still around. We’ve also seen the occasional golden stone on the upper river, but nothing to where fishing are eating them on the surface yet.

For flies, nymphing is still your best option. A stone with a pheasant  tail has remained consistent, but we’ve been doing well with prince nymphs and lightning bugs. Smaller sizes like 16’s have been great, but they’re also eating the larger size 12’s very consistently.

If you’re trying to just throw dry flies, then a PMD is a great way to go. The trout out here love them, but it can be hard to get fish to come up to it when they aren’t actively feeding on the surface. We like a comparadun in sizes 14 and 16 to imitate these guys, but we have a large variety in stock to keep you covered.

Fish are also moving on to streamers a bit more! Sculpzilla is gonna remain the top streamer through the fall, but a Lil’ Kim or Zoo Cougar on a sink tip is also a good way to go.

Besides the Yakima, the Teanaway and Upper Cle Elum will be open on the first Saturday in June, so make you got your small terrestrials ready! We threw together a box of our favorite flies for those small rivers, so be sure to come check em out!

You can also drive in to Cooper Lake now! The road up is completely snow free and the lake looks beautiful as always. This lake can really only be fished effectively from a boat, but just remember that no motors of any kind are allowed. These fish will be eating streamers on a sinking line, like a woolly bugger of a Carey special.

As usual, if you have any questions feel free to call the shop.


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