June 25th, 2019 – Yakima River Fishing Report

The Cle Elum has been dumping in a lot of water and the Yak is moving up to its Summer time flows. Everything below the confluence of the Cle Elum is gonna be some tough wading, but above the confluence around the bullfrog area will remain great wading.

As far as flies go, this cooler weather we’ve been having has been keeping us from throwing the dry droppers too much, but the nymphing and streamers have been fishing pretty well. Stonefly nymphs for the top bug, and some sort of mayfly/caddis/small stone for the dropper. We’ve been doing good with a red butt jig, pheasant tails, princes, and copper johns.

As for streamers, nymphing a sculpzilla or woolly bugger has been pretty effective, but they’re also eating them on the swing with a couple strips. Use some tungsten or sink tip to get them down.

For good wading options besides away from the Yakima, the Upper Teanaway has been fishing very well in the evening. It’s best fished with a 2 or 3 wt since it’s mostly smaller trout, but it’s a great way to kill an evening.

The Upper Cle Elum above the dam has also been fishing well. We fish it pretty similar to how we fish the Yakima with streamers and nymphs, not as much for big fish though. It fishes best with a 4 or 5 wt.

As usual, if you have any questions feel free to call the shop!

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