February 20th, 2019 – Yakima River Fishing Report

Well, things are pretty dang good. The river is in excellent shape and big fish have been munchin. Bother streamers and nymphs have been producing, but nymphing has been pretty incredible. With a some decent weather this weekend, we’re expecting the fishing to stay good for a little while.

We’ve been finding fish most  consistently on inside corners and soft riffles. You’re looking for about  3 feet of water  or deeper, moving at about a walking speed. Anything with some structure, drop-offs and seams are the way to go. Keep your nymphing set ups light, and rely on a long drift rather than adding more weight. For streamers, swinging with a sink tip and a slow retrieve has been the most effective.

As far as flies go, it’s still been a stone, worm and midge game. For stones, the olive/brown, coffee/black, tan/brown and solid black are all working. We’ve been liking the size 10 the best, but 8’s and 6’s in black have also been good. For worms, they haven’t seemed to care. now that the water is clear, we’ve been running red when there’s cloud cover, and pink when it’s sunny. As far as midges go, WD40’s and brassie’s have been our best. Size 18 in black has been the most consistent, and they’ve been fishing really well in the shallower riffles.

For streamers, you can really mess around with a lot of different flies and probably find a fish that will eat it. Big stuff will find fish, but your smaller woolly buggers, leeches and sculpins are the way to go. Small sculpzilla’s have been fishing the best in white, black and olive in size 8. We just got in a fresh order of streamers so come check them out!

We’re starting to get really full on guide trips, so if you want to get out this Spring then give us a call!

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