November 10th, 2020 – Fishing Report

Well it feels like Fall didn’t last very long and the forecast for the next few days is a little wet, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any chances to hit the water! The river is in great shape and fish are podded up and eating small nymphs and even some streamers. This is a great time of year to avoid people, and find a few big fish on light setups.


For bugs, we’ve mostly been sticking to little nymphs, light fluorocarbon tippet and small split shot. Fish the slower inside corners, seams, and walking speed riffles. Just keep in mind that fish are going to being in slower water so a lot of extra weight isn’t necessary. Stick to no. 4 split shots or a small piece of tungsten putty if needed, but the weight of a stonefly nymph should be enough. Streamers can be a great way to cover those walking speed riffles, especially with a trout spey and a small black or olive woolly bugger.


1.) WD40 – Black, Olive or Red – Size 16-20

2.) Brassie – Red or Copper – Size 16-20

3.) Flashback Pheasant Tail – Size 16-20

4.) Copper John – Any Color – Size 16-20

5.) Pat’s Stone – Any Color – Size 6-12

6.) Double Bead Stone – Peacock or Black – Size 6-12

Not Pictured.) If water bumps up a bit, it doesn’t hurt to throw a san juan worm!


1.) Woolly Bugger – Black, Olive, Brown, White – Size 6-12

2.) Goat Leech – Brown, Black, Red – Size 8-14

3.) Carey Special – Size 8-10

Think of this weather as just a way to filter out people, not as something that will hurt the fishing. This time of year can offer some amazing days of fishing, and some hungry big fish as well. Be prepared with layers, some extra clothing, and even a way to boil some hot coffee or soup to keep you warm. Looking for some other ways to keep warm? Here’s some of our favorite layers for staying comfortable in these conditions!


If you need a shuttle, please call the day before to make sure that we can be prepared for you this time of year!

If you have any questions, feel free to call the shop at (509)674-2144, or shoot us an email at Stay safe out there!

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