December 8th, 2020 – Yakima River Fishing Report

The Winter weather has definitely slowed things down on the river, so now is the time to fish with very few people around you! The fishing itself has been good, you have to a work a bit harder for them with the cold, but the quality of fish we’ve been finding has been awesome. Our window of good fishing has been from 11 to about 2, so no need to get on the water early.

We’ve been finding fish in the walking speed riffles on long, light drifts. Some people have been finding some nice fish with streamers, but that’s been a quality over quantity game which is still fun! Trout spey is the best way to cover water, swing low and slow with a woolly bugger or small leech. Gabe recently tied some great flies for trout spey in the winter, come check them out!



1.) Tungstone – Black, Brown – Size 6-10

2.) TJ Hooker – Coffee/Black, Black, Tan/Brown – Size 6 – 12

3.) Pat’s Rubberlegs – Olive/Brown, Black, Brown, Tan/Brown – Size 6-12

4.) Midge – Size 22-16

5.)Brassie – Red, Copper – Size 16-20

6.) WD40 – Black, Olive, Wine – Size 16-20

7.) Pheasant Tail – Size 18


1.) Sculpzilla – White, Natural, Black – Size 4 and 8

2.) Goat Leech – Midnight, Brown, Olive

3.) Woolly Bugger – Olive, Black, Brown – Size 10-8

Even though it’d been cold, it’s worth getting out for some fresh air and hitting the water. Cover lot’s of water, stick to slow water, and keep a long dead free drift rather than a short heavy drift. For any questions about the fishing, give us a call at (509)674-2144.

If you’re looking for ways to keep warm while winter fishing, or even just looking for some gifts, here’s some great options that will also save you a little money! The nano puff jackets are our favorite way to stay warm on the water this time of year.

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  1. Thanks, Johnny (I assume it was you who produced this excellent report–even providing names and pictures of flies! 🙂 )

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