March 23rd, 2021 – Yakima River Fishing Report

The weather couldn’t be better for this upcoming week and fishing has been amazing! This warmer weather caused the Teanaway to rise, making the upper canyon a very fishy green. It’s great conditions to throw streamers, nymphs and dries, and we’ve been having success on all three. With some days getting in to the high 50’s this next week, it wouldn’t be surprising if we start seeing a good March Brown hatch as well.

We’ve been working the riffles and seams while only fishing about 2.5 – 4 feet beneath the indicator, even in the deep runs and eddy’s. The fish aren’t sitting on the bottom, and they’re always looking up, so if you’re dredging up the bottom, then you could be below the fish. For streamers, a 3-6 ips sink tip swung and stripped slowly has been the trick, and for the dries, inside corners and tailouts has been the most consistent.


Skwala Dries

No need to be picky about size, they’ve been eating the size 8-12’s with one of them not fishing any better than the other. All of these flies have been fishing great, and adding a little twitch to the drift can make them even more effective. For leaders, don’t feel like you have to go small. 2X and 3X is a great way to go, and it also cuts through that obnoxious spring wind better than 4X and 5X.

1.) Catch’s Skwala

2.) Water Walker Skwala

3.) Pete’s Lo-pro Skwala

4.) Pete’s CDC Golden

5.) Amy’s Ant – Olive

6.) Fat Albert Skwala

7.) Bullet Head Skwala

Small Dries

As of today (March 23rd), we haven’t seen much for consistent March Brown action but that’s expected to pick up with these nice warm day’s we’ll be getting this next week. We have been getting them on Blue Winged Olives, which fish great behind a skwala. They’ve been liking size 18’s, so hopefully the March Brown’s come out soon and we can throw some size 12’s.

1.) Hi-vis Parachute BWO

2.) March Brown Cripple

3.) March Brown

4.) Parachute Adams

5.) Purple Haze

6.) Hi-vis Parachute PT

7.) Pheasant Tail Cripple

Stonefly Nymphs

The typical Pat’s is a great way to go this time of year, but TJ Hookers and the jigged 20-incher’s have be very effective as well, and are bit heavier so you don’t need any split shot to help get them down.

1.) Double Beaded Stone

2.) Pat’s Rubberlegs

3.) Jigged 20-incher

4.) Tungten Pat’s

5.) TJ Hooker

6.) Extended Body Golden


Especially with a lot of small bugs moving around, pheasant tails and jigged nymphs have been very effective. We have a lot of new jig patterns in the shop including the Copper Duracell which will make a great March Brown nymph. Especially below the Teanaway, worms have been fishing very, very well. We just got a big shipment of squirmy worms in which have been deadly in that glacial green water.

1.) Thread Quill

2.) CDC Red Tag

3.) Quasimodo

4.) Copper Duracell

5.) CDC Tung. Jig Pheasant Tail

6.) Flashback Pheasant Tail

7.) Tungsten Jigged Squirmy

8.) Pearl Core Worm

9.) Squirmy Worm


Streamers are a great way to find some big fish this time of year, especially if this warm weather causes the river to rise a bit. Sparkle minnow’s are a great way to go, but of course the

1.) Sparkle Minnow

2.) Dali Llama

3.) Fulling Mill Trout Spey

4.) CDC Squirrel Leech

We have a lot of great new products added to the shop including guideline sunglasses, Scientific Angler leader, tippet, sink tips and lines, and a ton of new flies. Give the shop a call with any questions or if you’re interested in booking a trip. This weekend is almost full, so call now if you want to get on the water!

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