Yakima River Fishing Report – April 22nd, 2021

Sadly the river bumped up a bit last weekend, but it’s nothing too crazy for getting a few warm spring days in a row. It’s still a bit high and dirty beneath the Teanaway, but we’ve had guides out every day this week and fishing has remained good up through Cle Elum. Big fish are pushed into structure, seams and inside bends with this high water and have been pretty willing to eat streamers and nymphs.

Really focus your fishing to those softer inside bends, and don’t forget that some of these fish are closer to the shore than you think. Make sure you fish before you even take steps in the water to ensure that those fish don’t get spooked from your wading.

If you’re wanting to fish streamers, now is a great time. Salmon smolts are pushing back out to the ocean and big fish are on notice. They fish great under an indicator, or cast them and strip them back with a sink tip. We have a great selection of Scientific Angler sonar sink tip lines, as well as their sinking leaders both as single packs and full kits.

We’ll keep doing our best to keep you guys posted on water conditions, and thankfully the predictions are showing the water is going to keep slowly dropping over the next few days. With some nice cloudy days next week expect some chances for a March Brown hatch in the middle of the afternoon. We have a great new selection of caddis nymphs that can be fished under an indicator, euro style or even swung to imitate the emergers.



Nymphing has remained the most consistent, and big stonefly nymphs have been the best. There’s a lot of active stonefly nymphs in the river right now from salmon flies, goldens and what’s left of the skwala’s. Size 6’s also show up great in the higher water. Worms have been the best dropper and they haven’t been too picky about color or size.

1.) TJ Hooker – Black, Black/Brown, Tan/Brown – Size 6 – 12 ( size 6 fishes best right now)

2.) Tungsten Pat’s Stone – Coffee Black, Black, Tan/Brown – Size 6 – 12

3.) Double Beaded Stone – Peacock, Black – Size 4 – 12

4.) Squirmy Worm – Pinks and reds – Size 10 – 12

5.) San Juan Worm – Pinks and reds – Size 8

6.) Tungsten Squirmy Worm – Red – Size 10- 12

With Mothers Day quickly approaching (May 9th, just a reminder), then we should start seeing caddis dries after this week. We have a great new selection of caddis nymphs and dries, but the big pheasant tails have remained the most consistent for picking up some big fish.

1.) (NEW) Grannom Caddis Pupa – Size 12 – 14

2.) (NEW) Thrift Shop Caddis – Size 16-14

3.) (NEW) Peeping Caddis Jig – Green, Cream – Size 12-14

4.) Dirty Jig – Olive, Tan – Size 12-16

5.) Duracell – Size 12-16

6.) (NEW) Formerly Known as Prince – Red – Size 14-16

7.) (NEW) Psycho Prince – Green, Yellow – Size 14-18

8.) Quasimodo – Size 12 – 16

9.) BH Flashback Pheasant Tail – Size 10 – 16

10.) CDC Jigged Pheasant Tail – Size 8 – 16


The streamer fishing has been great! Not a lot of numbers with them, but some really big fish have been willing to eat them (like the cover photo for this fishing report). Cover a lot of water with them, and swing and strip them with a sink tip line, or a sinking leader on a trout spey or single hand rod.

1.) Zonker – White, Olive – Size 4 – 6

2.) Sparkle Minnow – Pearl/gold, Sculpin, Olive, Black – Size 4 – 8

3.) Baby Whitefish – Size 4

4.) Sculpzilla – Natural, White, Black, Olive – Size 4 – 8


The dry fly action has been hit or miss lately. If conditions line up right, then you can find pods of fish slurping march browns in the middle of the afternoon.

1.) D&D March Brown Cripple – Size 12

2.) Western March Brown – Size 14-16

3.) Adams – Size 10 – 16

4.) Parachute Adams – Size 10 – 16

5.) Purple Haze – Size 12 – 16

We’ve had guides on the water every day this week and although they’ve been working a little harder for fish, the quality of the fish we’ve been catching makes it all worth it. Give the shop a call to book a trip, or with any questions you might have.

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