August 19th, 2021 – Yakima River Fishing Report

The water has been slowly dropping and we should start seeing more wade fishing spots open up in the upcoming weeks. Fish are still looking up for big dry flies and droppers, and we’re even starting to see a few crane flies starting to bounce around on the upper river. Streamers have also been fishing good with trout spey being one of the most effective ways to fish from the bank in the tight spaces.

We’ve been finding our fish by following the seams along the bank, inside corners and structure. Faster water has been producing the bigger fish since it supplies them with more food an oxygen, and with the water slowly dropping you’ll find more fish sticking to wood and big rocks.

Even though the water is dropping, the days are still warm and water temperature is getting a bit too warm to fish in the late afternoon. Although the state hasn’t implemented a hoot owl closure, we still recommend fishing early and being off early. Even during the early morning hours, make sure to keep all fish in the water, even for fish pictures, and release them in softer water where they can regain their energy.


Dry Flies

Big dries with a dropper has been the most effective way to fish lately, and fish haven’t been shy of big dries, even up to size 6’s.

1.) Cranefly – Yellow, Orange, Tan – Size 10-12

2.) South Fork Chernobyl – Size 6-12

3.) Chubby Chernobyl – Tan, Peach, Golden, Royal – Size 6-14

4.) Gypsy King – Golden Brown, Golden, Grumpy, Royal, Pink, Purple – Size 6-10

5.) Clod Hopper – Peach, Red, Purple, Tan – Size 8-12

6.) Flatwing Stone – September Stone, Royal, Circus Peanut – Size 6 – 10

7.) Para Madam X – Royal, Peacock, Yellow – Size 6-14

8.) Weises’s Bob Hopper – Purple, Pink, Peach, Tan – Size 10-14


Any of these nymphs will fish great as a dropper beneath a dry, or even under a stone if you’re wanting to get deeper.

1.) BH Flashback Pheasant Tail – Size 12-18

2.) Quasimodo – Size 12-18

3.) Holo Prince – Blue, Purple – Size 16

4.) Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail – Size 12-18

5.) Dirty Hipster – Tan – 10-14

6.) Dirty Jig – Size 12-18

7.) Biotic Nymph – Size 14-16

8.) Queen Prince – Size 12-16


Swing them with a varied strips over drop-offs and structure, or even throw them under an indicator and cover some water.

1.) Sparkle Minnow – Sculpin, Olive, Pearl, Black, Smoke – Size 4-8

2.) Muddler Minnow – Size 6-10

3.) Zoo Cougar – Size 6

4.) “The One” – Natural, Black – Size 4

5.) Sculpzilla – Natural, Olive, Tan, Black, White – Size 4-8

As usual if you have any questions, feel free to give the shop a call!

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