Yakima River Fishing Report – November 22nd, 2021

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It’s a bit chilly on our side of the mountains but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any fishing being done! We got a little bit of snow but it melted pretty quickly so boat ramps are still accessible, and the river is in great shape after our week of rain and high water.

Trout spey has been effective and is a great way to cover a lot of water this time of year, but throwing a sink tip line on a single hander is a great way to go as well. Fish sculpin patterns or leeches down deep, and play around with the retrieve to see what the fish want.

Of course nymphing has also been great, just throw something small under a stone and cover water. We like the slower walking speed inside corners and riffles. Remember that fish will tend to pod up in the colder weather, so if you find one then stick to that zone and work it hard.



1.) Double Bead Stone – Black, Peacock – Size 6-10

2.) TJ Hooker – Coffee/Black, Tan, Black – Size 6-10

3.) Pat’s Stone – Black, Coffee/Black, Olive/Black, Tan/Brown, Brown – Size 6-10

4.) CDC Red Tag Jig – Size 16

5.) Frenchie – Peacock – Size 16-18

6.) Holo Point Jig – Size 14-18

7.) Spanish Bullet – Size 14-18

8.) Pearl Perdigon – Size 16-18

9.) Brassie – Red, Copper – Size 16-20

10.) WD40 – Black, Olive – Size 18-20

11.) Quasimodo – Size 16-18


1.) “The One” Sculpin – Black – Size 4

2.) Sparkle Minnow – Black, Pearl, Sculpin – Size 8-10

3.) CDC Squirrel Leech – Black, Olive – Size 8-10

4.) Marabou Muddle – Size 8

5.) Woolly Bugger – Olive, Black, Brown – Size 8-10

Interested in Trout Spey?

We have a great selection of our favorite setups for the Yakima. We like 3 and 4 weight rods with a short head and a 7 or 10 foot sink tip. The Echo Trout Spey is our favorite to cast with a very smooth feel, and the perfect length for the Yakima. The Echo Switch Rod is just a bit shorter and faster, and is a great option for those who like a tighter, faster cast and fishing very tight spots. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

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