Yakima River Fishing Report – February 8th, 2022

According to the weatherman we’re looking at some great weather for the next week or so. If this keeps up we’re in for some great fishing opportunities, and hopefully some good snow melt to help with access on the upper river. We have been dragging rafts over snow to float around Cle Elum, but drift boats are nearly impossible. This could change by the weekend so feel free to give us a call to get a good update on launches this weekend.

That being said, these warmer winter days can offer some incredible fishing. The fish tend to be podded up and active when the sun is shining, and they’re more than willing to eat a nymph or the occasional streamer. We recommend walking speed water about 3-5 feet deep, and nymphing a stone and worm with no split shot. Don’t worry about try to fish the crazy deep slow runs, our most productive water tends to be drop-offs, inside corners, and if the sun is shining we’ll find some fish in shallow buckets. For streamers, use a sink 3 or sink 6 sink tip, and just cover water. We love trout spey for this time of year since it’s a great way to efficiently cover a run.



As I mentioned before, 3-5 foot deep walking speed water is the way to go. Target inside corners and seams, and don’t fish too deep.

1.) Tungsten Pat’s – Coffee/Black, Black, Tan/Brown, Olive/Brown – Size 6-12

2.) Pat’s Rubberleg – Tan/Brown, Brown, Coffee/Black, Olive/Brown, Black – Size 6-14

3.) TJ Hooker – Tan/Brown, Black, Coffee/Black – Size 6-12

4.) Squirmy Worm – Red, Pink

5.) San Juan Worm – Pink, Red – Size 8

6.) Tungsten Jigged Squirmy – Hot Pink, Red – Size 12-14

7.) Pheasant Tail – Size 20-12

8.) CDC Red Tag – Size 16-14

9.) Spanish Bullet – Size 18-12

10.) Holo Point – Size 14-18

11.) Copper John – Chartreuse, Red, Copper, Black – Size 16-18


With streamers, just remember to cover water. We recommend trout spey for this time of year, but a singlehanded rod and a sink tip will work just fine.

1.) Sparkle Minnow – Pearl, Sculpin, Olive, Black – Size 6-12

2.) Slumpbuster – Natural, Black, Olive – Size 8

3.) Sculpzilla – White, Olive, Black, Natural, Tan – Size 4 and 8

4.) Jigged Zonker – White, Black Natural – Size 8-10

5.) Woolly Bugger – Olive, Black, Brown – Size 8-12

We do have guide trips going out and the next few months are starting to get busy, give us a call if you want to get on the water and take advantage of out pre-paid special, which only lasts through February 15th! The NRS Dodger is also still up for grabs, email Johnny (Johnny@troutwaterfly.com) if you’re interested!

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  1. I would like to fish with you guys this Friday, Feb 11th. Let me know if a guide is available. Thanks, Bill Trzaskos

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