Yakima River Fishing Report – October 1, 2022

Flows: 800 at Cle Elum

Clarity: Crystal

Flies: October Caddis, Summer Stones, Crane Flies

*Green Bridge is OPEN (they finished early)


Ohhhh, it’s that time of year where the river is low and fishing is good. Get it in while you can because in a few short months the white stuff is bound to start flying and it’ll be time to hunker down with some firewater at the tying vice. As of now, crane flies and summer stones continue to be productive with October caddis serving as a solid option in the late afternoons and evenings.

There isn’t a major push to get out there early in the morning, so feel free to catch a few more zzzs, drink a cup of coffee or two—or if you’re like me, five—and then hit the creek. Our upper-river trout can be found on inside runs, tail outs, and in slow, under-cut banks. If you’re fishing with an October, don’t be afraid to skate that fly on slow insides (glassy looking water opposite of faster runs abutting the bank).

Lately we’ve had bright sunny days, which coupled with gin-clear water serves as cause for lighter tippet presentations. A lot of us are fishing a dry-dropper rig in place of the bobber and using 5 to 5.5X line for the dropper (a jig three to four feet below the dry—in the right spots—will work).

As far as floating goes, be sure to call the shop before you decide on a section. There is wood in the river, and certain sections of the upper-Yakima do require a level of experience to navigate it safely. If you come up on a portion of the river you’re unsure you can row, don’t be a hero: drop anchor, check it out, and if you’re still unsure, well, there’s zero shame in walking your boat. A floating vessel and bruised ego sure as heck beats a sunken ship. Stay safe out there, my friends. Feel free to stop by the shop on your way out. We’re open 9-5:30 Monday through Saturday and 9-1 on Sunday.

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