Yakima River Fishing Report – October 8

Flows: 540 at Cle Elum

Clarity: Crystal

Flies: October Caddis, Blue Wings

*Green Bridge is OPEN


It may be October here in Cle Elum, but the weather feels as if summer is still up and running. With temps in the low 80s the last few days, and the forecast set to continue on a similar trend for next week, it appears we have a continued stretch of sandals and wet wading ahead. That said, while crane flies have tapered off as of late we’re seeing more and more October caddis thundering through the air with a compliment of blue wings interspersed.

When nymphing, the edges of faster seams have been productive, as have slower insides with a skated and dead drifted caddis. Dry droppers continue to yield good fish, and, bless these fish, they’re willing to eat a smaller chubby. For droppers, we’ve been using an array of Perdigons, as well as Roza Red Tags, Duracells, and a Pat’s Stone or a TJ Hooker.

Green Bridge is currently open, so if you decide on floating State to Green Bridge be aware that there is a logjam just below the state access. Stay river right to get through the initial jam; once through, you’ll need to get as far right as possible to clear three trees extending from the bank. It is possible to walk your boat once through the initial log structure, so if you don’t feel comfortable, hop out of your rig and walk it through the obstacle. Stay safe out there!

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