Yakima River Fishing Report – October 18, 2022

Flows: 500 cfs

Clarity: Gin

Flies: Blue wing olives, October Caddis, Perdigons in an assortment of flavors


We’re experiencing the last few days of Indian summer as cooler temps and rain are on the horizon. As of late, we’ve had solid fishing, but this push of clouds, rain and lower temps will only aid—and improve—dry fly fishing. Don’t get me wrong, wet wading in October has been a treat akin to a fun-sized Snickers bar, but it’s about time to bust out the waders, fish itty bitty mayflies, drink a pumpkin spice latte, and soak in the fall weather that’s finally upon us.

The majority of our fish have eaten on the edges of swift water seams, as well as on the riffle drops of deeper pools and runs (that choppy, nervous-looking water opposite of the bank). Despite the sun and cloudless days, these rascal fish have still been willing to eat the October Caddis and in the last few days we’ve seen an increase of blue winged olives with the sporadic pod of sipping trout.  Though the forecast is calling for rain in the coming days, fishing has the potential to be pretty dang good these last few weeks of October.

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