“Entirely By Special Permit” from the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge Bristol Bay Fly Fishing in the Togiak Wildlife Refuge.

Float through pristine wilderness as your guide has you casting flies to leopard rainbows and aggressive salmon from a raft custom designed for fly fishing. You will be without motors where the true Alaskan wilderness is revealed. Expect the silence to be broken only by the whisper of your fly line and the sounds of rainbows tail-dancing on the river surface. Your only transportation from the pure headwaters of the Kanektok to Pacific Ocean is a fly fishing raft and guide. Your home each night is a gourmet meal and tent pitched along the riverbank. It’s all about the wilderness and fly fishing!

The river starts as a mountain stream draining Kagati Lake and gently flowing through the picturesque snow-capped Eek Mountains. It is very much a classic fly fishing river with the riffles, boulders and long runs that provide a perfect setting for dolly varden, Arctic char, grayling, and the spectacular leopard rainbow. Forty-miles into the float, the Eek Mountains give way to an ancient glacial flood plain. Here, the Kanektok begins to braid and the river bottom becomes fine gravel, ideal salmon spawning habitat. Some of the strongest runs of king, sockeye, silver and chum salmon in Alaska are found on the Kanektok. And where salmon spawn, big rainbows lounge. Seven days later, at the confluence with the Pacific Ocean, you will have covered over 100 miles and put in 10 to 12 hours of fly fishing each day!

Here’s a better visual of what you’ll be doing!

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