Shuttle Service

Off Season (November – February) You must call the shop!

Yes, we do run shuttles! We run shuttles everyday that we’re open, anywhere from Ensign to Umtanum.

Here is a link for a printable shuttle form. All forms must be brought to the fly shop before your trip.

If you plan to be on the water before we open, then call the day before to give us a heads up, slide your info through the mail slot in the front door, and then call that morning to confirm that we received the shuttle info. We don’t want anyone to get to the takeout and not have their vehicle!

Forms can also be found at the shop during shop hours as usual. Please bring exact change for shuttles, all shuttles are paid for in cash.

If cash is not left with the shuttle form, then the shuttle will not be run.

Please keep in mind that most of the launches don’t have trash cans, so try and pick up some garbage if you can!

Here are some things to note before deciding where you want to float.

Bristol: BRISTOL IS CLOSED. There is a lock on the gate, so don’t plan to take out there!

Bighorn: Bighorn requires a fee of $10 to park and use the launch.

Bullfrog: This is a hazardous float and cannot be done in a drift boat. There are multiple log jams that require you to portage your boat. We recommend only using single person rafts and pontoons for this stretch.

State: If you’re taking out at state, be aware of water levels. If water is running high and fast, the side channel that comes around at the takeout can make things difficult for people new to rowing a boat.  Also be aware that because of this, it’s best to stay back around the corner of the river if someone is in the process of launching/taking out. there just isn’t enough space for a second boat to sit at the launch.

Green Bridge/Thorpe: Temporarily closed until the end of November while they do maintenance on the bridge. Diversion is the next takeout down which is about 4 miles.

Below State: There is a large log jam just below the state boat launch. Don’t even mess with this one. You’re required to take a side channel that will take you around the jam on river right, and it’s fairly easy to navigate with any boat. It’s the first channel after you launch on river right. Just keep water levels in mind, lower water will require a lot of dragging, but Summer flows are great and make things very easy through the channel.


Put in Take out Distance (Miles) Price (Cash only)
Ensign Bullfrog 6.1 $50
Ensign South 12.3 $50
Ensign State 17.7 $50
Bullfrog South 6.2 $50
Bullfrog State 11.6 $50
South State 5.4 $40
South Thorp (Green Bridge) 17.6 $40
South Diversion 21.7 $40
State Thorp 12.2 $40
State Diversion 16.3 $40
Thorp Diversion 4.1 $40
KOA Irene 2.5 $40
KOA Ringer 7.4 $40
KOA Bighorn 10.2 $40
KOA MM 20 12.2 $40
Irene Ringer 4.9 $40
Irene Bighorn 7.7 $40
Irene MM 20 9 $40
Irene Umtanum 13.6 $40
Ringer Bighorn 2.8 $40
Ringer MM 20 4.5 $40
Ringer Umtanum 8.7 $40

If you have any questions, please call the shop at (509)674-2144.

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