Yakima River Fishing Report – April 2nd, 2022

Although the graphs may make it seem like the Yak is too high, it still has good clarity and been fishing well. The Teanaway downstream is a little dirtier than the stretches through town, but there are still fish willing to eat in the dirtier water. Stick to seams, inside corners, and structure to find fish in these conditions.

We’ve also been seeing some great hatches throughout the entire river! Not only skwalas, but we’ve started to see March Brown’s as well. Especially above the Teanaway we’ve been finding fish on dry-dropper rigs, or single March Browns whenever we can find them actively feeding on the surface.

Also, with these slightly higher flows remember to be very cautious using the State (also known as East Cle Elum) boat ramp. Taking out can be sketchy with these higher flows, and we don’t recommend doing it without good experience on the oars or in smaller boats. There is also a log across the river on the S-curve after the state ramp. We have been able to hop over it with our drift boats, but make sure you stay right so you can stop. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!



We’re starting to see a great push of March Browns on the Upper Yak, so make sure you stock up! Don’t be scared to throw the bigger sizes like 10’s and 12’s. We’re also still seeing Blue Winged Olive’s, as well as skwala’s.

1.) Water Walker Skwala – 8-10

2.) Britten J Purple Stone – Size 8-10

3.) Bullethead Skwala – Size 8-12

4.) Western March Brown – Size 8-16

5.) Purple Haze – Size 12-16

6.) Hi-Vis BWO – Size 16


Nymphing has still been the go-to, especially in the mornings. We’re finding a lot of our big fish on inside corners with how much the water has been fluctuating, but with a lot of bugs popping off we’re finding fish in shallow buckets and drop-offs.

1.) Tungsten Pat’s – Brown/Black, Black, Tan/Brown, Olive/Brown – Size 6-12

2.) Double Beaded Stone – Peacock, Black – Size 6-12

3.) TJ Hooker – Brown/Black, Black, Tan/Brown – Size 6-12

4.) Pearl Core Worm – Red, Pink – Size 8

5.) San Juan Worm – Red, Pink, Tan – Size 8

6.) Squirmy Worm – Red, Pink – Size 10-12

1.) Quasimodo – Size 12-16

2.) Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail – Size 10-16

3.) March Brown Jig – Size 12

4.) CDC Pheasant Tail Jig – Size 8-16

5.) Thread Quill Jig – Size 14

6.) CDC Red Tag – Size 14-16


We’re starting to see a few smolts getting pushed around with the higher water, so keep streamers in your arsenal and don’t be afraid to nymph them. White and flashy flies tend to tend to be the way to go, but black can also be very effective.

1.) Sparkle Minnow – Smoke – Size 4-8

2.) Sparkle Minnow – Pearl/Gold – Size 4-10

3.) Zonker – White, Olive, Natural – Size 4-6

4.) Baby Whitefish – Size 6

5.) Dali Llama – Black/White, White, Olive/White, Black/Olive – Size 6

As usual, give us a call at (509)674-2144 if you have any questions, or would like to get on the water!

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  1. OUTSTANDING report, guys! Tons of great data here! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together…..

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